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As part of its comprehensive suite of human resources services, APEX 365 is proud to offer health, life and other insurance solutions for its clients.

Have something better to do than sift through endless insurance quotes on your own? Looking after your employees and yourself has never been easier.

Insurance options include:

• Health insurance
• Life insurance
• Vision Service Plan (VSP, vision insurance)
• Dental insurance
• Supplemental insurance


Health Insurance


We keep current with ever-changing health insurance laws, carriers, products, and trends. And we use that knowledge to help you make the right insurance choice to protect your people.

With the right health insurance, a medical issue can be quickly addressed by the best medical professionals. People can return to work quickly and safely, confident in the care they’re received. With the wrong insurance, the same medical issue can spiral into a serious, long-term problem that leaves everyone feeling vulnerable. Good health insurance protects not only individual employees and their families, but also protects the productivity of your business. The right insurance makes all the difference. Benefit from APEX 365’s expert guidance.

Life Insurance


Life insurance can be critically important. But it can be uncomfortable to discuss the need for it. APEX 365 makes that important conversation a lot easier.

At the end of the day, life insurance it about caring for those who are important to you…family members, employees or both. But too many companies and individuals avoid having “the conversation” about life insurance because it means facing our own mortality. What’s more, the health insurance industry is complicated, filled with plans and options that are confusing and fail to meet your needs. That’s why APEX 365 does the heavy lifting for you. We’ll assess your situation, and help you make the right choice—the one that expresses you truly care.

APEX 365 offers solutions in all the major categories of life insurance:

  • Term Life: Simple and inexpensive, but limited in duration and with n cash value.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Initially more expensive than Term Life, but premiums are fixed and policies endure for life. A portion of premiums acquire cash value.
  • Universal Life Insurance: The most expensive, but also the most flexible and with the greatest portion of premiums invested with cash value. Many options are available, including those with benefits for long-term care and chronic illness.