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Payroll services can be a real headache, with real impacts on your employees. What if doing payroll calculations was easy? What if you could be confident that any issues would be resolved quickly—before they end up on your desk? With APEX 365, you will see how easy it can be to run payroll.

No more worries about calculating payroll checks accurately

Inaccurate employee and payroll data is the most common cause of payroll aggravation, and can lead to late payments. There is no quicker way to damage your employer and employee relationship than to disturb employees’ financials by providing an inaccurate payroll check.

Say goodbye to the hassles! Give yourself some relief and give your employees the assurance of top-notch payroll services. They’ll appreciate you, and you’ll appreciate the peace of mind.

  • No more overpayments or underpayments
  • On-time payments, every time
    Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and custom
  • Employees are properly classified
  • Consistent overtime tracking

Stay compliant with continuously changing regulations—
without having to do a thing

Payroll and tax regulations have lots of moving parts, and they change with irritating frequency. Before you know it, you’ve issued non-compliant checks, failed to keep proper records, and gotten yourself into an expensive mess.

But with APEX 365, you’ll run payroll without worries. Your processes and payroll calculations will update promptly, as needed, without any effort from you.

  • All Federal and State Tax Requirements
  • Quarterly Reports (941 and SUTA)
  • Year-End W-2s
  •  Deposits (FICA, Withholding, and FUTA)
  • And More!